Telehealth FAQ

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of technology, like video or phone calls, to conduct different health services remotely between patients and their provider.

How will I speak with a provider with telehealth?

You can speak with a provider over video (with the free Zoom app) or a phone call. We recommend using video! This will help your provider assess your condition.

Download Zoom on your smartphone or laptop/computer with a webcam so you can see your provider and they can see you! No account necessary, you will receive a link that directly opens the videocall with your provider.

How should I prepare for a telehealth visit?

Make sure you are in a private or comfortable location to discuss with your provider, preferably with a stable Wi-Fi internet connection. Try to avoid environments with a lot of distractions or traveling while talking to the provider.

Expect a phone call around 15 minutes prior to your appointment from a medical assistant to virtually check you in.

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